Notice: On August 1st, all OSS (Hong Kong District 3, US District 2) will suspend the upload function, only download data, and no longer access to the outside world. On August 15th, the off-shelf will stop, and only OSS Hong Kong District 2 will be left. Please make arrangements for the migration in advance.
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Product Advantages
5a8d is deeply involved in the field of cloud computing and is committed to becoming a safe, efficient and trustworthy high-quality cloud service provider.


Supports the creation of thousands of instances at the minute level. The flexible payment option is more in line with the current business situation, and at the same time brings elastic expansion capabilities. Instances and bandwidth can be upgraded and configured at any time.

High Security

Provide DDoS protection, Trojan killing, anti-brute force cracking and other services, through multi-party international security certification, ECS cloud disk supports data encryption function

High Performance

Single instance can choose up to 32vCPU, memory 256GB, single instance performance can reach up to 20,000 PPS network sending and receiving packets, 1Gbps bandwidth

Ease of Use

Rich operating systems and application software can be easily deployed with one click through images, and the same image can quickly replicate the environment in multiple ECSs for easy expansion


ECS can be seamlessly connected with other rich cloud products, and can continuously provide complete computing, storage, security and other solutions for business development

24/7 Support

Get 24/7 technical support, documentation, access or chat online with our operations team to help you use our rich cloud offerings

From complex to simple, understand the cloud world
We have prepared some explanatory documents for you, hoping to help you, if there are any deficiencies, please make suggestions
Object Storage (OSS)
Object storage is a general data storage platform for massive unstructured data, providing safe, reliable, and low-cost cloud storage services.
Custom Image
The new instance created using this image will include the customizations you have configured, saving you the time to repeat custom instances and making operations more convenient.
Beginner's Guide
This document is mainly used to guide individual novice users to register a 5a8d account, and introduce basic operations such as how to manage expenses and how to use the 5a8d console.
Common terms for cloud computing
This document mainly explains some common cloud computing terms to help users quickly understand the functions of functional modules encountered in the process of cloud migration.
Multi-node coverage, real-time stable prevention and control
The infrastructure is located in major countries and regions around the world, with 30+ cloud data centers, 15T+ reserved bandwidth, and a 7/24 operation and maintenance team
30+Data center High bandwidth network covering Asia, America; still expanding
15T+Reserve bandwidth Flexible network access solutions such as single-line, dual-line, BGP multi-line, etc.
5K+Number of racks A large number of user instances meeting the deployment needs
7/24Services Providing 7/24 DevOps and customer services
Build a cloud ecosystem with partners

Building cloud ecosystem with partners